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Swimming Pool Liners

A swimming pool liner is a vinyl surface covering the walls and floor of your pool to keep in the water.
They also improve the look of your pool and make it a much more inviting experience.

A liner can also be fitted with a foam or felt underlay, This helps with insulation and water temperature as well as helping to smooth out any lumps and bumps in the pool structure.

A vinyl liner can become brittle over time, as the compounds that provide the stretching ability degrade.  Tears, punctures and holes tend to appear more easily in aged vinyl liners.  
Vinyl liners have a lifespan typically about 7-10 years, depending on use and the environment.

Below is the process of how a liner install was carried out from start to finish on a domestic outdoor pool. 

Please get in touch for a no obligation quote to replace your liner and make your pool not only more inviting.


This next one is a commercial indoor liner we recently supplied and fitted due to the old liner becoming discoloured and the pool losing water through various cracks and creases within the liner. 

Firstly we emptied the pool of water before cutting the old liner out and disposing of it.
That revealed the old felt behind the liner which was saturated with pool water, this was also removed.
We then visually checked the pool shell for any cracks or movement before chemically treating it to remove any algae build-up. Next the new felt and liner were installed and the pool filled back up.

While waiting for the pool to fill and heat up we carried out a service and some minor repairs to the circulation system, this will help to minimise the downtime and lost revenue of the pool.

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