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Swimming Pool Installations

Water Filtration is the fundamental mechanism in protecting you and your bathers within the swimming pool, spa or hot tub environment.

A correct filtration design and installation will remove particulate matter(hair, skin, debris) , micro organisms and other pollutants such as body fats, suntan lotion and other elements brought into the pool environment.

Filtration should be designed in accordance with the type of use and bather load.

We can carry out anything from a full installation to a pipe repair on any pipe from u-pvc to stainless steel. 

   New Build
  • Design

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

  • Water Saving Solutions

  • Energy Saving Solutions

  • Surveys and reports 

  • Underwater services

  • Filter refurbishment

  • Media replacement 

  • Balance tank cleaning

  • Chemical dosing

  • UV disinfection

  • Pipework and valve replacement

  • Pipework repairs and modifications

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